Task Force Waterfowl has over 1,500 Members And Counting

An association of Servicemen, Veterans and Wounded Warriors, forming a resilient brotherhood through waterfowling and our experiences of service.

Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers: You aren’t always in familiar territory, but with us you’ll always have a Wingman.

Our #1 priority is you. We believe in supporting our servicemen and women and making sure we’re here to help. Join our nationwide organization of Wingmen, and you’ll never be far from the hunt. You can count on us.

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Task Force Waterfowl is all about brotherhood and the shared experiences that bind together just 1% of all Americans.

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Task Force Waterfowl is nothing without you! In order for this organization to stay successful, we need a constant flow of volunteers willing to take out, supply, and or provide soldiers, wounded warriors, and veterans anything they need to learn the trades of waterfowl hunting.

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TF-W is currently a Not-For-Profit business in Oklahoma and we are awaiting approval of our 501(c). Your donations go to fund our operations and supply our nationwide network of Wingmen with everything they need to serve those who serve America.

Why Task Force Waterfowl?

  • National Network of Support

  • Service members and Veterans with a common bond

  • Friendships and Memories that last a lifetime

  • Membership is 100% Free

“A common bond of service.”

The love of waterfowling is an irresistible sensation created in the blind and shared by many across country. Having been stationed at numerous locations around the country and on both coasts, it is a unifying theme and often the quickest way to meet new buddies and build lifelong friendships.

Friends, help support this great charity.
Mark M., Supporter
Looking for some waterfowlers in North Carolina to open up the second season of ducks!!!!
Brian C., Wingman
I just found out about Task Force Waterfowl from the Sportsmans Channel. I am stationed in New Jersey and have been looking for more people to go hunting with!
Jason B., Hunter

Join our dedicated network of Soldiers, Veterans and Wounded Warriors!

I’m Sold, Let’s Hunt!

Hope everyone's turkey season was successful. This video from Remington Arms Company really showcases the awesome times that we can have outdoors. Remember how much it sucks to be stuck in a barracks on a weekend somewhere? Do you part and take a wounded hero hunting.


Enjoy a quick experience in Remington Country with this latest installment from the Remington Films team. Give us a "Like" and please share your Spring hunting pics here. #film #hunting #turkey

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***Walleye Fishing Trip!!***

TFW Crew-- We have a first come first serve opportunity. We are working with Hunters Helping Heroes to fill their annual Walleye Fishing trip to Lake of the Woods MN. The trip is from 19-21 JUN, you will fly into Grand Forks, gear up at Cabelas and then get your Walleye on!!!

We are looking for disabled PH recipients and Gold Star families!!! Please refer to us and we will get your info in!! Again--- there are very limited slots so we need contact quickly. Transpo and lodging are covered....

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Task Force Waterfowl Nation,

Time to shake the cobwebs and rust off your trusty retriever. Show that pooch some love by training them. Don’t have time to walk or run them? GREAT! Nothing tires a retriever out like marks or blinds. Here is a quote to get you inspired to train from Mike Lardy, the quantifiably best retriever trainer in the country. Mike has more wins at hunt trials than any other handler in American history.

“…the sense of accomplishment, teamwork, and awe that you can feel when your retriever performs remarkable feats while hunting or in competition is massive. While your retriever's courage and desire may no doubt amaze you at times, the most rewarding moments occur when your dog's intelligence and training come together to show a profound awareness that you might not have thought possible in human/animal interactions…”

If you are asking yourself, do I have time for that and what do I know about dog training? The answer is yes and it’s not that hard. You can train a quality retriever in only 2 or 3 sessions a week. TFW Wingman Mike S (not Mike Lardy) managed to successfully train his lab Mavic while in command, working on his Master’s Degree, and with a child on the way. Mavic has since competed in AKC hunt tests and field trials, and done very well.

Don’t forget about that Drake Waterfowl Discount. Hit up Mike @ mike.j.schulman@gmail.com for it.

And support your LOCAL gun shop!

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Good morning TFW Nation!
If you are deployed, I hope you are crushing skulls or keyboards. If you are stateside, you better be getting after some clay pigeons or training your retriever to bring back those birds. We are pretty psyched to introduce some new partners over the next few weeks. Things are about to get busy around here, so load up on some #2s and get the plug out of your gun. We are going to get you ready for your best season yet. Do you like Drake Waterfowl Systems? OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU'RE AN AMERICAN! Well we love them, and they love you, so hit up TFW staff member "Mike" (mike.j.schulman@gmail.com) if you are current or former military for a discount code.

Happy spending!

-TFW Staff

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