Task Force Waterfowl has over 1,500 Members And Counting

An association of Servicemen, Veterans and Wounded Warriors, forming a resilient brotherhood through waterfowling and our experiences of service.

Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers: You aren’t always in familiar territory, but with us you’ll always have a Wingman.

Our #1 priority is you. We believe in supporting our servicemen and women and making sure we’re here to help. Join our nationwide organization of Wingmen, and you’ll never be far from the hunt. You can count on us.

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Task Force Waterfowl is all about brotherhood and the shared experiences that bind together just 1% of all Americans.

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Task Force Waterfowl is nothing without you! In order for this organization to stay successful, we need a constant flow of volunteers willing to take out, supply, and or provide soldiers, wounded warriors, and veterans anything they need to learn the trades of waterfowl hunting.

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As a 501 (3)(c) organization, your donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. Your donations go to fund our operations and supply our nationwide network of Wingmen with everything they need to serve those who serve America.

Why Task Force Waterfowl?

  • National Network of Support

  • Service members and Veterans with a common bond

  • Friendships and Memories that last a lifetime

  • Membership is 100% Free

“A common bond of service.”

The love of waterfowling is an irresistible sensation created in the blind and shared by many across country. Having been stationed at numerous locations around the country and on both coasts, it is a unifying theme and often the quickest way to meet new buddies and build lifelong friendships.

Friends, help support this great charity.
Mark M., Co-Founder
Looking for some waterfowlers in North Carolina to open up the second season of ducks!!!!
Brian C., Wingman
I just found out about Task Force Waterfowl from the Sportsmans Channel. I am stationed in New Jersey and have been looking for more people to go hunting with!
Jason B., Hunter

Join our dedicated network of Soldiers, Veterans and Wounded Warriors!

I’m Sold, Let’s Hunt!

***Oklahoma City Area Hunt***

For those of you in the OKC/Fort Sill area, we have an opportunity for three of you to go on a late season goose hunt with TFW Wingman Blake. The hunt is planned for 7-8 February so if you're interested send us a message or email taskforcewaterfowl@gmail.com. We'll randomly pick three and notify you that you were selected by January 30th.

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For all of our hunters that live in the great North Country of NY, check out Black River Valley Outfitter's page. They are offering a FREE hunt to the person who likes the page at 1500 likes. I personally hunted with these guys a lot this season, not only do they slay birds, but they are a great group of guys to hang out with! Check out their page! ...

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This a very late post from 02Jan when Wingmen Ben Rhoads and Jay Buselli had the privilege of going on a Hunters Helping Heroes hunt on Long Island, NY with Waterfowlers Edge outfitters. The blind was one of a kind and the friendships we made will last forever. Thank you very much to Chris from Hunters Helping Heroes, George and all the guides from Waterfowlers Edge, Mike from Long Island Gun and Game, C&S Custom Calls, Ducks Unlimited, and Froglube for all the great gifts and a hunt we will never forget. (9 photos) ...

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*** Happy New Year from the TFW Crew ***

To all the friends, supporters, and hunters, we want to wish you a Happy New Year! This has been a crazy year for TFW, with almost two years of hunting under our belt, we are still going strong! We ask that you continue to support the movement as we work through the final stages of establishing our federal non-profit, and finish building our amazing organization. We hope that everyone continues to have a safe holiday season and that the rest of the winter will bring new birds to your area!!!

Thanks to everyone from the TFW Founders - Robb, Jason, and Rudy (2 photos)

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Looking for a late season hunt around the Ft. Stewart/Hunter area. ...

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